Why I love New York

I’ve done a lot of travelling. I’ve been to lots of cities. But every time I go to NYC there is something amazing, something electric, and something magical about it. The windows are what fascinate me… Weird, I know. What lives do they look onto? People who are busy, or are late? People who are relaxing, have the day off? Happy moments, sad moments, moments with friends, moments alone.

I love New York and as many countries I visit… I still have to go back one more time… And one more, and one more.

It’s a movie set, a stage, and people’s every day lives…

I ❤️ NYC

(This link has some fantastic images and a great video of NY)



Car boot sale: heap of junk for sale. Goes by the name of Ruth.

Did a car boot sale today. Raised a pathetic amount. It’s a start on the savings though and better late than never!! Couldn’t even see out the rear view mirror. Tooooo much stuff!! Luckily my amazing friend Francesca who I have known since birth came and helped me and saved the day. My layout was rubbish but she helped my systemise all the junk a bit!



The preparations are well under way!

When I came back from 8 months in South East Asia (6 of which I spent teaching English) back in December, my mum picked me up from the airport. Of course I had had the best time EVER and wanted everyone to know every single little detail, BUT before reunions with friends and family etcetera etcetera dot dot dot, in the car on the way home, I broke the news to my Mum… NOT news she was wanting to hear I expect. It went something like this.

Mum: “So, how was your flight?”

Me: “Fine thanks, I’m not staying long… I’ll be back in Vietnam by August

(If this was a movie then the opening music and title bit would go in here!)

It’s now June. I wasn’t kidding.

I am a little over five weeks away from moving to Vietnam for 1 year!! (Leaving August 1st… like I said in the car)

I have a job in a city called Vinh (which is sandwiched between heavenly beaches on one side and lush green national parks on the other, with tigers and bears and stuff) teaching age 2-11 (!!!) in a montesorri preschool/international primary school, tutoring the kids who board in the evenings AND… starting up an art curriculum. This is the bit I’m the most excited about!!

I have my flights booked, not only to Vietnam, but onwards to Thailand, The Philipines, Japan, Malaysia and Australia. I’ve sent off my visa letter application (you have to have a letter to then get your visa on arrival in Vietnam). I only need a couple of jags since I’m pretty much always planning a trip or away somewhere I’m up to date with all of that. My backpack which I had on my last trip has been repaired and is on it’s way back to me from the manufacturers.

Still a few more bits to do, like getting teaching clothes and working out what my baggage situation, but as you can see I’m pretty well prepared 🙂

Just excited to finally get to Vietnam and get making some Dong. (YES, that’s the name of their currency… you can make all sorts of innuendos with it… we did regularly when I was there last year e.g  “The street vendors will do anything for some Dong“)

Current level of excitement is about level with how scared I am!! Just keeping my fingers crossed that all goes well with the last few weeks!

Countdown: 5 weeks and 2 days to go!!