The two week countdown

Friday the 18th marked two weeks until I leave for my adventure. At the time I was out on one of the Hebridean Islands here in Scotland called Tiree where my sister lives with her husband and their two little boys (the older of the 2 had his 4th birthday while we were there). That was probably the second of the hardest goodbyes. I acted like it was nothing and as if I’d see them tomorrow, but in reality it was really really hard and I was really upset once on the boat leaving. My nephews right now are 4, and 1 and a half. The next time I see them the wee one will be 3! Such a strange thought. They are quite a pair. Such big characters in little bodies!
So now I’m back on the mainland, I have 1 week left of working as a home carer left and then I have a day at the commonwealth games watching rugby with friends. THEN I really have to start getting myself into order. Mostly getting there with bits here and there. I’ve had my jags, I’ve got enough clothes for teaching, I’ve booked a night in a hostel for when I arrive in Hanoi, AND I’ve booked a flight from Hanoi to Vinh where I’m going to be based for the next year, if all goes well. Unfortunately my guide book doesn’t have much good to say about Vinh so it sounds a bit like the place I was stuck in while teaching in Thailand last year. HOWEVER, the world’s biggest cave is close by to Vinh in the national park which has all sorts of animals (gibbons, tiger, elephant, some rare Asian antelope, and a huge ton of bird life). Apparently you can’t just go off trekking because of unexploded bombs from the Vietnam war but you can go on guided treks I see so I will definitely be looking into that, since I now own walking boots I may as well make the most of them!!
So here’s hoping that the next week and a bit goes well and I will post another update just before the big departure 🙂
Till then x