In my suitcase…

I’ve seen a few people writing ESL blog posts recently asking for suggestions for ESL games or warmer activities so I thought I’d put this out there. I’d like to share a game with you which I have played in the car with my Dad since I was younger. It’s called In my suitcase. It’s great fun and can be played with any age at all really (I play it with my first grade class and also my secondary students). It’s very simple and you can use any nouns for it at all.

The first person says “In my suitcase I am putting a…” Then adds an item, let’s say a T-shirt. The next person says “In my suitcase I am putting a t-shirt and…” It can be as big or small as they want. My secondary students have started putting elephants and schools in there recently! The game goes on until students begin to forget the order. If they make a mistake with the order of items they’re out. I usually give the last one left a small prize of some sort, normally a small sweet.

A variation of this game is called A Long Sentence and is more specific to the topic you are working on with your class. For example, the topic I was teaching to my secondary students last week was The Carnival. So I used the sentence “I went to the carnival and I saw…” words included speakers/ dancer/ float/ stilts/ microphone/ mask/ parade/ crowd. I find it a really good warmer to refresh students’ memory of new vocabulary from the previous lesson(s).

Hope these ideas help!


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