Speedy working

I’ve discovered this fantastic new app on my phone – Hyperlapse, it’s called.

I love it.

Basically, it’s a video recorder, but you can speed it up to whatever speed you want, like a timelapse.

A while back I saw a video that was done by a guy in Melbourne, Australia, using Hyperlapse. He had cycled round the city holding his phone in one hand. it was great.

“I need to try that,” I thought.

I toyed with the idea of asking for a phone holder for the front of my bike as an early christmas present. But, to be realistic, I would probably only use it two or three times. I decided to get creative, and used a long strip of fabric to tie my phone to the inside of the basket on my bike.

I was really pleased with the result.

I’ve also used it two or three times in the classroom. These videos are especially funny if you are doing actions to a song with the kids, or if you have groups of kids doing activities on the board.

And… while I’m at it – a gorgeous video of my grade 1 class. They were my least favourite class when I first started. Now they are one of my favourites. Their behaviour has improved so much, but they are still cheeky little monkeys!!

More updates coming soon x


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